Build Your NFT Empire: Create, Customize, and Curate

Experience the first-ever platform that hands you the reins to your personal NFT shop. Say goodbye to marketplace fees and restrictions. Curate your unique collection and connect directly with buyers for a more social trading experience.

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Why do you need a marketplace to sell your NFTs?

Right now, selling NFTs without a marketplace or middleman is practically impossible. If crypto is about true ownership, why is something so simple so hard?


Enter Stache

Stache, similar to a smart contract wallet, is an on-chain account that acts like an agent on your behalf. Being programmable and on-chain means your Stache can do things that your wallet can't. Directly selling your NFTs is just the beginning...

Your assets. Your rules.
You're in control.

As a set of on-chain programs, Stache is governed by code, and that code is completely controlled by you. With Project Bazaar, our flagship feature, you can become your OWN marketplace and sell your digital assets on YOUR terms.

It's sort of like...
A bank account.

Bank accounts do more than just hold money. They can do things like handle subscriptions, pay bills, and interact with other services... all without you having to lift a finger. Isn't it about time crypto caught up?

Web3 as it should be.
Power to the people.

Driven by a strong dedication to preserving the fundamental principles of cryptocurrency like self-sovereignty, self-custody and decentralization, Stache is about empowering the individual through technology. This is the power of Stache.

It's about to get wild.
Stache has capabilities that you've never seen, guaranteed. Come join us for the ride!

Frequently Asked Question

Is Stache a downloadable
app or extension?

Nope! Stache is a smart account (aka smart contract wallet) that lives on the Solana blockchain, but is controlled by your existing wallet(s) like Phantom or Solflare. This means that you can access your Stache from any wallet on any device.

When will Stache be

NOW! We're still officially in beta, but we've taken off the training wheels and opened Stache up to the public.

Is there a demo

Yes! You can explore Stache's capabilities (including the experimental features not yet available on Mainnet) safely on Devnet at

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